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Welcome Back!

Welcome back! We don’t take lightly that you’re considering giving us a second chance. For those of you who haven’t used OAXRAY in a while, we’ve added lots of new features, improved our data, expanded our store selection and we’re constantly adding improvements each week that make OAXRAY even more powerful than before. We want to offer you a 6 day free trial to play around with all of the improvements we’ve made. OAXRAY is $99 per month and we believe you’ll have no trouble making that investment back quickly. If you decide it still isn’t for you, simply cancel your subscription within PayPal before the beginning of the 6th day (day you sign up counts as day 1). To get restarted with OAXRAY, use the subscribe button below. After paying via PayPal, you should receive a temporary code and link to the extension emailed to your PayPal email. We’ll follow up in a few days with a permanent code.