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The extension was working, but now it isn’t. How can I fix this?

This may be the result of an update to the extension. Go to the extension options and enter the code you were given when you registered. Re-enter the code and the extension should work. If it still isn’t working, try going to the options page for the extension and unselect “Open in 1 popup” option. Still not working? Try uninstalling the extension and re-installing it from the link you were given when you registered. Still not working, try uninstalling the Google Chrome browser and re-installing the latest version from here. You may also find this video on installing the extension useful.

Some Amazon data (sales rank, prices) seem a little off when I manually check the prices/sales ranks. What’s up with that?

Part of what makes the OAXRAY extension so powerful is our own database of aggregated data from e-commerce sites, including Amazon. We routinely update this information, but especially on Amazon, prices and sales ranks can change very rapidly. In an effort to speed up the extension for an improved user experience, we strive to balance speed (assisted by our database of aggregated data) with accuracy – giving you the most timely marketplace information we can. All information displayed is taken from within the past 24 hours.

The extension isn’t working on a certain portion of a given site.

If you find a portion of a site that isn’t working properly, please let us know at